CPR-265 Power Cage



How Many:


• Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hooks (Pat. Pend.) adjust in 3" increments.
• Lever action pull-pin safety stoppers offer fast and easy safety bar adjustments tested to 800 lbs. weight load capacity.
• Wide base frame area accommodates a variety of benches, wheelchairs and rehab accessories.
• 1-1/4" nickel plated top cross bar combines as pull-pin station and structural support.
• Safe and secure way to perform a variety of Olympic bar squatting, lifting and pressing exercises.

• CHL-305WS High/Low Pulley Attachment with 200 lbs. weight stack.
• CDA-329 Dip Attachment

size and weight
(Length x Width x Height)
52 x 51 x 84 in/132 x 130 x 213 cm

218 lb/99 kg

light commercial warranty
• 10 YEARS: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
• 5 YEARS: pivot bearings, bushings, pulleys, gas shocks and guide rods
• 1 YEAR: linear bearings and pull-pin components
• 6 MONTHS: upholstery, cables, finish and rubber grips
ALL OTHER PARTS not mentioned, one year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

LIGHT COMMERCIAL USE: Light Commercial Warranty applies to facilities like hotels, apartment complexes, personal training studios, fire & police stations, etc. where the equipment would be used by no more 30 people per day.
home lifetime warranty
Lifetime of the equipment while owned by the original purchaser when used ONLY in a home environment (applies only to defects from manufacturer only). See Owner's Manual for details.

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