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Established nearly five decades ago, TuffStuff Fitness International has become recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high quality consumer and commercial strength products.

From our humble beginnings as a small family-owned company (founded in 1971), to our current state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Chino, California.  TuffStuff maintains one of the largest American production lines in the fitness industry, and remains the only fitness company in the United States with the capability to manufacture any product it sells.  This capability is remarkable in an industry where most equipment suppliers do not design or manufacture anything they sell.

The continued success of TuffStuff’s products in both the institutional and consumer markets may be attributed to a team of dedicated staff, focused on making design improvements and meeting market demands, while delivering exceptional customer service and support.

TuffStuff Fitness Pioneers

1932 – 2016

Cammie Grider CEO at TuffStuff Fitness
Cammie Grider

Chief Executive Officer

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Donny Penado COO at TuffStuff Fitness
Donny Penado

Chief Operating Officer

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Pete Asistin VP Global Sales at TuffStuff Fitness
Pete Asistin

Vice President of Global Sales

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Ken Carter - Head of Research and Development at TuffStuff
Kenny Carter

Head of Research & Development

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Jesus Ponce - Plant Manager at TuffStuff
Jesus Ponce

Plant Manager & Chief Purchasing Officer

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Rolando Flores at TuffStuff Fitness
Rolando Flores

Manufacturing Supervisor


TuffStuff Fitness International Inc.

Jun 14



TuffStuff introduces the HYBRID HOME GYM SXT-550 and CLASSIC HOME GYM AXT-225. The SXT-550 combines popular functional training with traditional press arm and leg stations, offering the best of both worlds.  The sister gym (AXT-225) includes a traditional home gym platform with full body machine-based movements, and a cable outrigger station.


TuffStuff launches the CalGym 9000 Series, featuring a new design and dual or multiple function commercial equipment.

Jun 14


TuffStuff Launches Bio-Arc Commercial Strength Equipment

TuffStuff introduces the Bio-Arc Commercial Strength Series; the first resistance machines to incorporate multi-planar movement of each machine seat along a linear arc trajectory.


Additionally, the XPT-Sport Self Spotting Power Cage is introduced to the consumer market.

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