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How to Buy and Create Your Home Gym

Are you considering a home gym?  Perhaps you seek the convenience of working out at home; where you can easily fit in your workout routine while the kids are entertained elsewhere or in between other activities.  If you’re ready to create your home gym, follow these key steps.


Step One: Measure Your Space

Before you buy gym equipment, it’s important to know whether or not it will fit into the space you’ve set aside for it.  Do you have room for a full home gym–perhaps a spare bedroom or your garage–or are you trying to fit in your equipment around other items that are already in the room?  Carefully measure your existing space.  Make sure that you consider both storage and the time when you’re actually using your equipment.  For example, equipment with multiple attachments may fit all of your home gym needs into a small space, but those attachments will still need a space to be stored.

Is there enough room to comfortably use functional trainer pulleys or a lat pulldown?  Or are you stuck with your elbows striking the wall every time you move?  Do you have room for floor work, including stretching?  Leave yourself enough room in your gym design for your actual workout to take place.


Step Two: Plan Your Home Gym Workouts

What types of workouts do you want to be able to complete at home?  What machines do you need to make that happen?  Ideally, you want machines that can solve multiple challenges and work several muscle groups easily.  It’s easy to become tempted by great equipment and end up without the machines that will help you reach your goals.  Space is likely at a premium inside your home, so choosing machines that are space-efficient will make it easier for you to design a home gym that works for you.  You should also consider long-term workout goals: for example, some equipment will allow you to eventually add larger weight stacks or to add attachments as your workout goals change.


Step Three: Do Your Home Gym Research

There are plenty of cheap home gym options out there.  You can pick up cheap equipment from infomercials, and in many general-purpose big box stores.  The equipment, however, will often fail to pass the test of time.  Being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money—it means spending your money wisely.  As you consider the different home gyms available, remember that buying lower quality options may be cheap now, but will actually cost you more in the long run.  Instead, look for high-quality equipment. You want equipment that:

  • Has a solid warranty.  A great warranty indicates the manufacturer believes in their product, and is willing to stand behind it.  Always look for a home gym that is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Incorporates proper biomechanics.  Before you create your home gym, it’s important to actually try the products in person.  Feel the smoothness of the cables and weight stacks, and make sure the home gym is comfortable throughout the entire range of motion.
  • Has great reviews.  Look at what real users say about the products.  Don’t just take a quick look at star reviews.  Instead, take the time to read both the best reviews and the worst ones.  Consider why people give low reviews for the item and whether or not you can live with those potential downsides.
  • Will stand the test of time.  You’re making a lifestyle change that you plan to stick with.  That means you’re going to need equipment that will last, not equipment that will fall apart the first time you try to use it.  This may include the option to add attachments or heavier weights as your overall fitness level improves.

Creating your home gym is a process.  You want to be sure that you have the right equipment for your space and strength training needs.  You also want to buy a home gym from a reputable manufacturer who stands behind their products.  Buying high-quality equipment may cost more in the short term, but it is always worth the longer-lasting experience.

Forty-seven years ago, TuffStuff pioneered the home fitness market with the world’s first free-standing home gym and has been the industry’s leading residential strength manufacturer ever since.  All TuffStuff home gyms include a Home Lifetime Warranty for the lifetime of the equipment while owned by the original purchaser in a home environment.

You should always try equipment before you buy.  Contact a TuffStuff Dealer today to feel the difference.  All of TuffStuff’s Home Gyms and Six-Pak Functional Trainers are built to the same exacting standards as their full commercial-grade products, with 11-gauge tubular steel, inert-gas MIG welded construction, and certified USA-made cables.  Whether you are looking for a complete multi-gym, or you just need a single equipment station that will stand the test of time, with TuffStuff you will receive unmatched product quality and exceptional support.