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TuffStuff improves Proformance Plus commercial strength line by replacing all rubber grip handles with longer-lasting knurled chrome handles.  Standard color options expand to 7 choices: Custom two tone finish with (1) Charcoal Texture (2) Platinum Sparkle (3) Red Baron II (4)

TuffStuff introduces the HYBRID HOME GYM SXT-550 and CLASSIC HOME GYM AXT-225. The SXT-550 combines popular functional training with traditional press arm and leg stations, offering the best of both worlds.  The sister gym (AXT-225) includes a traditional home gym

TuffStuff changes its corporate name to TuffStuff Fitness International (TFI).   In 2014, TuffStuff introduced the EVOLUTION Series, a full line of residential and light commercial equipment.  TuffStuff also launched the XPT Self Spotting Power Cage, designed and developed in collaboration with Brady

TuffStuff creates the smallest dual stack commercial gym on the market with the introduction of the HTX-2000; including complete cable movement with the addition of a leg extension/curl station.

TuffStuff introduces the CT8 Fitness Training System, and ignites a revolution in functional training.  Offering customizable, modular design and station options, the CT8 serves people of all ages and fitness levels.   In 2013, TFI also introduced the X-Lift Cross Training Rack (CLX-1000).  Engineered

TuffStuff celebrates its 40th Anniversary, and continues to manufacturer excellence.   TuffStuff introduces the Gladiator B-line of free weight equipment at a lower price point to reach even more consumers.

TuffStuff debuts the first truly Modular Multi-Gym System with the release of the Apollo 7000 Series.  The modular design offers freedom to create stand alone independent stations, including single, two, three or four station configurations.

TuffStuff introduces the Six-Pak Trainer with compact, European-style design cable motion technology.  The space efficient, all frontal work stations is granted a U.S. Patent.   CalGym Series is introduced.  The successor of the Simplex II Series, a light commercial strength equipment for