Gary Glanger and Craig Lewin of FitCorp USA-min

TuffStuff Dealer Spotlight: FitCorp USA, Inc.

Remaining in business for a half-century is rare, and doing so in the fitness industry is almost unheard of.  Yet since 1971, TuffStuff Fitness International has remained a leader in strength equipment design and manufacturing.

Today TuffStuff strength equipment is available in more than 300 locations throughout 35 countries.  But this growth did not occur overnight.  TuffStuff grew slowly by establishing partnerships with the very best fitness retailers throughout the world.

The best fitness retailers understand they have something to offer customers that big-box department stores cannot match: professional expertise.  While the self-service model works great for toilet paper and canned goods at Walmart, it falls short when it comes to fitness equipment.

Few fitness companies understand their products and how to develop strong customer relationships as well as FitCorp USA, Inc. and their divisions: Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters.  The North Texas fitness equipment leader has been in business for more than three decades.  And they’ve offered TuffStuff strength equipment to their customers the entire time.

We have been a TuffStuff dealer since the very beginning and that’s a long time.  We are celebrating 32 years in the fitness business with 16 stores in North Texas.  The quality and versatility of what TuffStuff offers has always been a step ahead of the game and we have always appreciated our partnership together.

– Craig Lewin, Executive Vice President of FitCorp USA, Inc.


Committed to Customers

Model with TuffStuff CXT-225 Corner Functional Trainer Smith machineThe continued success of FitCorp USA may be attributed to the company’s commitment to their customers.  “They have the right core values, and they are very consistent.  Above all else, they do a great job of delivering on their promises to customers” said Michael Loch, Western Region Sales Manager at TuffStuff.

Prior to growing to 16 stores, the company was led by the passion and vision of Trevor Glanger.  Rising from humble beginnings, Mr. Glanger was never the type of person to talk down to others.  According to FitCorp purchasing manager Jimi Bowman, he had walked the talk of fitness and health for many years as a cyclist and workout enthusiast. Trevor was also a great listener, and this trait — which was passed on to each employee of FitCorp USA — is probably most responsible for their continued success.


Thank you from TuffStuff

“We’re proud to be partners with FitCorp because we know they do business the right way, and represent the TuffStuff brand extremely well.  When a customer walks into a North Texas Busy Body, they’re not going to be sold anything.  They’re going to be listened to, and then recommended products based on their specific needs and fitness goals” said Michael Loch.

Thank you Gary Glanger, Craig Lewin, Jimi Bowman and the entire FitCorp team for continuing to be great ambassadors of TuffStuff; we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future for decades to come.