TuffStuff Dealer Spotlight: RX Fitness Equipment

RX Fitness Equipment - TuffStuff DealerTuffStuff Fitness International is honored to have a loyal dealer network that stretches across the globe.  Included in our family of dealers is Tim Adams, a passionate health and fitness enthusiast with more than three decades of industry experience.  From delivery driver to business owner and author, and nearly every position in between, Tim is intimately familiar with both the retail and commercial sides of the business.  And with the support of his wife, Darci, Tim founded RX Fitness Equipment in 2014 with the goal of getting as many people as possible back in shape, one person at a time.



Tim and Darci Adams - RX Fitness Equipment

Five Years of Growth

Over the last five years, RX Fitness Equipment has grown each and every year.  Together, Tim and Darci have built a loyal customer base, with the majority of their business coming from repeat customers and referrals.  If you take a look at their Thousand Oaks business location on Yelp, you’ll see a pristine record that includes 52 consecutive five-star customer reviews.  And if you ask Tim the secret to his success, he’ll tell you it’s not really a secret:

It’s all about customer service.  We strive to provide every customer with a great experience from the moment they walk in our store.  And we’ve an incredible delivery team, they’re just so good.  I credit our delivery team for our 5-stars reviews, they really know how to treat people.

Scorpion Gym featuring TuffStuff Proformance Plus by RX FitnessGreat customer service has evolved over the years with new technologies.  And Darci’s background in technology is largely responsible for RX Fitness’ updated website and the custom 3D layout designs that repeatedly win them commercial contracts.  Like the corporate gym they recently outfitted for Scorpion Internet Marketing in Valencia, CA.  With custom-branded upholstery and Scorpion embroidered wear covers, RX Fitness filled the 8,000 sq. ft. Scorpion Gym with top-of-the-line Proformance Plus strength equipment.


About Tim Adams

Pete Asistin, Vice President of Global Sales at TuffStuff, noted:  

“Tim was practically a kid when I first met him at The Fitness Store in Granada Hills.  He grew up in the specialty fitness business selling TuffStuff home gyms and free weight products, and eventually included commercial sales at which he became adept.  I remember that Tim was always so eager to learn about new TuffStuff products that were being developed, or about to be launched, trends in the industry, and what other dealers were doing around the country.  He absorbed information like a sponge and smartly used it to his advantage.

Today and now as a business owner, Tim Adams is basically the same likable person I knew decades ago, upbeat, passionate about his craft, and the many people he befriended that have become loyal repeat customers. In addition to being more experienced and skilled in his chosen profession, Tim has a secret weapon.  His wife, Darci.  A woman who, behind the scenes, quietly helps her husband stay focused and organized.  According to Tim, his wife Darci is the Big Boss.  And, knowing both of them, I can attest to that!”


Scorpion Gym - TuffStuff Proformance Plus by RX Fitness

As the health and fitness industry has evolved over the last 30 years, Tim’s core values have remained the same.  Many fitness industry professionals will confirm this.

John Conti, Director of Commercial Sales at Fitness Gallery in Denver, said he has known Tim for over 20 years.  When asked about Tim’s success, John said:

“I first met Tim at a tradeshow in 1996 while he worked for The Fitness Store in California.  Right away I could tell he was very knowledgeable and passionate about the fitness industry.  But it wasn’t until I became Director of Retail Fitness for TRUE, that I had the opportunity to spend more time with Tim during training events.  Tim would listen, ask insightful questions, and strive to understand how products would provide value to his customers.  That really stuck out to me.  Over the years we have never lost touch, and he has always treated me with respect.”


Thank you from TuffStuff

TuffStuff is proud to have RX Fitness Equipment as a member of the TuffStuff family of dealers.  We are not surprised by the growth of RX Fitness Equipment with Tim at the helm.  The dozens of complementary customer reviews are evidence of Tim’s ability to establish great customer relationships, and do business the right way.  Thank you to Tim and Darci Adams for continuing to be great ambassadors for TuffStuff; we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future for years to come.