TuffStuff Fitness Muscle IV Home Gym

TuffStuff Muscle IV Home Gym

TuffStuff Original LogoIn 1991, Sherman Grider’s Task Industries Inc. introduced the TuffStuff brand name.  TuffStuff became the fitness industry’s first free weight benches and machines painted in white and black combination. TuffStuff also introduced the first machines with adjustable cams and pull-pins on all adjustments.  The TuffStuff product line become an overnight sensation, and set many of the industry’s standards still in place today.

In the same year, TuffStuff was awarded the contract by the City of Los Angeles to install commercial free weight benches at the world famous Muscle Beach outdoor gym in Venice, California.

TuffStuff Muscle IV Home GymThen in 1995, Task Industries introduced the TuffStuff Muscle IV Home Gym.

The Muscle IV improved upon the design of the successful Muscle 3 Home Gym.  The Muscle IV included a 200lbs. weight stack, and allowed users to work every major muscle group with quick transitions.   Optional add-ons to the Muscle IV Home Gym included a leg press station.


TuffStuff Muscle IV Home Gym

One station of the home gym featured a press bar for chest exercises.  As well as an overhead pulley for lat pulldowns.  And a leg extension for strengthening quadriceps, or standing leg curls.  While the opposite side of the machine included fly station, also known as a “Pec Deck,” for back and chest fly exercises.  And in between was a low pulley for rows and other cable-based exercises.


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Muscle IV Exercises

Dr. Gene James demonstrates a number of exercises on the Muscle IV Home Gym in this video:

To help keep your TuffStuff equipment working smoothly, our in-house production facility maintains a complete inventory of parts, and is also capable of custom parts manufacturing.  For rare, hard to find parts, please contact one of our Customer Service Managers directly and they will be happy to assist you.

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