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The institutional multi-stations CG-Series, with 6, 8, and 10-stations all chrome finish, solid brass pulleys and solid brass cams.  Mechanical arm press system and movement were being replaced by solid brass pulleys and cables. CONCORDE 500 single stack unit with…

Home gym designs begin to take another revolutionary turn, new advancements, features and stations were developed to the demand of ever growing specialty fitness stores that were opening and home fitness consumers.  California Gym Equipment is the first company to…

First free standing all-inclusive gym built for the home was introduced, MASTERLINE 500.

California Gym Equipment Company evolves the home gym design to include a leg extension, curl station, and a low pulley station; the first complete “home gym” is born, and the retail fitness industry for the new home market begins. Introduce…

The first breakthrough in home gym design, SELECTOR-MATIC S-1000 featuring a bench press, lat station and a detachable bench for sit-ups, all mounted on a single platform.

California Gym Equipment Company begins manufacturing simple fitness products like benches and racks for schools, colleges, gyms and professional teams.  In the beginning, all fitness equipment is distributed through gym equipment dealers, as specialty fitness equipment stores did not exist.

California Gym Equipment Company is founded by Steve Yatso and Ruth Grider.