WWE Sheamus TuffStuff Functional Trainer - Brave Change Gym

Four-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus Chooses TuffStuff Functional Trainer to Complete Brave Change Gym

Earlier this summer we launched TuffStuff’s official Instagram page (@TuffStuff.Fitness) and not long after, we received a direct message: “How’s it going?”  After checking the notification, we were amazed see it was from the Celtic Warrior (@WWESheamus).

WWE Sheamus - Celtic Warrior Workouts - BraveChange

You know, the world champion Irish professional wrestler with over two and half million followers?  We recognized Sheamus immediately.  He’s an absolute mold-breaker of a human being.  Standing 6’4” with bright red hair and beard, built with 267 pounds of pure muscle, and an out-going and funny personality to match.


TuffStuff Meets Sheamus

We replied to Sheamus’ message and learned that he was looking for a multi-functional trainer to complete Brave Change Gym.  His good friend, Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X, recommended TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus (PPMS-245).

If you don’t know who Jeff Cavaliere is, you’re missing out.  Jeff served as both the Head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York Mets during the National League East Championship 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons.   He then started privately training professional athletes and uploading videos to Youtube in 2009. Today Jeff’s Athlean-X Youtube channel has over 8 million subscribers.  Being recommended by Jeff is one of the highest compliments any fitness manufacturer can receive.

Jeff Cavaliere and WWE Sheamus - TuffStuff Functional Trainer - Celtic Warrior Workout

Sheamus respects Jeff as “the guy who knows the real science behind picking-up heavy things and putting them back down.”  For this reason, Sheamus often travels to Jeff’s Athlean-X facility in Connecticut to film episodes of Celtic Warrior Workouts.

Watch Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workout with Jeff Cavaliere >


Commercial Strength Functional Trainer

Even with Sheamus’ size and strength, we felt confident our full-commercial Proformance Plus Functional Trainer (PPMS-245) was up to the challenge.  Weighing nearly 1,000 lbs, each Proformance Plus functional trainer is designed and manufactured at our Chino, CA headquarters.  The hydraulically supported extension arms offer easy adjustments for speed, functional and ballistic training.  The machine includes 13-positions (150º) of vertical adjustments, and 5-positions (165º) of horizontal adjustments.  Equipped with 600 lbs weight stacks and a unique cable ratio, each handle offers 86 inches of cable travel.

Sheamus Brave Change TuffStuff Functional Trainer PPMS-245We got straight to work designing a custom functional trainer to match Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts branding for his Brave Change Gym.  After sand-blasting the frame, our paint department shared some color samples for Sheamus to review.  We found the perfect shade of orange to match the walls of Brave Change Gym, then started TuffStuff’s eight-step painting process.   As beautiful as it is enduring, the electro-statically applied powder coat finish is baked at 400ºF and then carefully monitored to ensure complete curing.

After assembling all the necessary components, TuffStuff’s lead graphic designer Choo Lim applied the final touches by incorporating Sheamus’ logo into the steel weight shroud.  Then TuffStuff’s assembly department test fitted each component prior to shipping the assembled functional trainer to Sheamus’ Brave Change Gym.

Sheamus Brave Change Gym - TuffStuff Fitness Functional Trainer


Brave Change Gym Complete

Throughout the entire process, Sheamus was easy to work with and highly appreciative.  When his functional trainer arrived, he said it felt like Christmas Day and mentioned that if he ever gets married his PPMS-245 will be at the reception.

We’re thrilled Sheamus’ functional trainer exceeded his expectations, and we love to follow the variety of workouts he posts online.  To keep up with Sheamus be sure to subscribe to Celtic Warrior Workouts and follow on Instagram @WWESheamus.

WWE Sheamus on Instagram - Brave Change Gym Functional Trainer