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TuffStuff's Proformance Plus Prone Leg Curl (PPS-233) is manufactured with premium 11-gauge steel in Chino, CA.  The V-bench design provides natural support and helps reduce lower back strain during exercise.  With side handles and adjustable foot rolls, the Proformance Plus Prone Leg Curl comfortably accommodates different leg lengths.  Backed by an extensive warranty, the prone leg curl station is ideal for outfitting any commercial weight room, recreation center, apartment complex or professional gym.

  • Made in the USA with commercial-grade materials
  • V-bench design provides natural support and helps reduce low back strain
  • Adjustable foot roll to accommodate different leg lengths
  • Side handles offer support and control
  • Safety shields full length dual sided with integrated storage
  • High strength Mectral steel reinforced Kevlar belt
  • Custom color options available
  • Full commercial warranty

Remaining in business for a half-century is rare, and doing so in the fitness industry is almost unheard of.  Yet since 1971, TuffStuff Fitness International has remained a leader in strength equipment design and manufacturing. Today TuffStuff strength equipment is […]

Results from exercise and strength training take time.  Typically 4 to 6 weeks of regular, consistent exercise is required to actually gain strength, stamina and start to see results in terms of dropping sizes or shedding pounds.  However, you can increase your workout […]

TuffStuff Fitness International is honored to have a loyal dealer network that stretches across the globe.  Included in our family of dealers is Tim Adams, a passionate health and fitness enthusiast with more than three decades of industry experience.  From […]

TuffStuff's Proformance Plus Seated Row (PPS-207) is a full commercial quality seated rowing machine, proudly made in the USA.  With patented R.A.D. technology, the seated row provides a smooth diverging rowing movement.  The movement arms naturally separate as a user pulls the resistance toward their body.  In doing so, the seated row permits a full contraction of the lats and mid-back throughout each rep.  Additionally, the unique floating U-Grip handle design allows 360° customization of wrist position during movement.

  • Made in the USA with commercial-grade materials
  • 220 lbs. steel weight stack with add-on weight system
  • U-Grip handle design for optimal wrist positioning during movement
  • Patented R.A.D. technology diverging row movement
  • Multi position gas assist chest support adjustment
  • (6) primary frame colors, and (16) different upholstery colors available
  • Custom finishes, upholstery, and embroidered wear covers available
  • Optional 295 lbs. weight stack available

Are leg exercises part of your fitness routine?  According to Princeton-educated personal trainer, Andrea Cespedes, lower-body training is advantageous when you want to stimulate upper-body muscle growth.  “Leg workouts stimulate some of the largest muscles in your body, which helps […]

Sherman Grider 1939-2016   The first job ever held by Sherman was in 1957 in Huntington Park, California at the factory owned by Mr. Vic Tanny.  As some may recall, Tanny was one of the true pioneers of the health […]