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Commercial Strength


Since 1971 TuffStuff Fitness International has focused on one thing, the design and development of the highest quality commercial strength equipment.

Over the last five decades the fitness industry has changed, and TuffStuff Fitness has evolved with it.  As numerous fads have come and gone, TuffStuff remains because of our commitment to quality materials and designs that deliver results.  Whether outfitting the world’s finest health clubs with custom-branded Proformance Plus equipment, or schools and professional teams with our Pro-XL Racks, all of TuffStuff’s commercial products emphasize the highest standard of craftsmanship with bio-mechanically sound movement and enduring reliability.

While many fitness companies have taken their manufacturing overseas and are unable to produce the products they sell, TuffStuff remains committed to quality with one of the United States’ largest full-service manufacturing facilities in Chino, California.

TuffStuff Fitness Proformance Plus Commercial Strength Equipment

Recently Added to the Denver Broncos Stadium Room Gym

Proformance Plus

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus commercial strength series combines over 50 years of engineering excellence with modern visual styling to deliver a collection of equipment designed to exceed all expectations.  Each product in the Proformance Plus series is full commercial-quality, an ideal option for outfitting any weight room, recreation center, or apartment complex, or professional gym.

Numerous customization options available, contact us to learn more.

Proformance Plus 3 equipment is now available.

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TuffStuff Proformance Plus Knurled handles

Product Update: Please note that all rubber grip handles on the Proformance Plus Series have been replaced by knurled chrome handles.

TuffStuff CT Trainer - Group Fitness

CT Training System

Made in the USA from materials only seen in the highest quality commercial strength equipment, the CT Fitness Training System offers modular options, design elements and customization for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The creative modular design gives personal trainers, studio owners and full service fitness facilities the ability to build custom exercise stations that best suit their individual and group fitness needs.

TuffStuff CT2 POD Fitness Trainer (CT-2000)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
TuffStuff CT-4000 Fitness Trainer

MSRP: Please call for pricing
CT-6000 Fitness Trainer

MSRP: Please call for pricing
TuffStuff CT-7100 Fitness Trainer

MSRP: Please call for pricing
TuffStuff CT-8000B Base Fitness Trainer

MSRP: Please call for pricing
TuffStuff CT8 "Elite" Fitness Trainer

MSRP: Please call for pricing

TuffStuff Fitness PRO-XL Half Racks

PRO-XL Racks

TuffStuff’s PRO-XL Racks are full commercial quality, designed and manufactured in the USA with extremely durable 3” x 3” 7-gauge steel.  Each PRO-XL rack includes an electrically welded high-strength frame, storage hooks, suspension loops, power band pegs, Olympic bar storage, heavy duty weight plate horns, and reinforced safety spotter arms rated to support 900 lbs weight capacity.

TuffStuff’s PRO-XL Racks feature a custom two tone finish with the option of seven standard colors.  Custom colors are also available – contact us to learn more.

TuffStuff PRO-XL Half Rack (PXLS-7910)

MSRP: $3,889.00
TuffStuff PRO-XL Dual Rack (PXLS-7920)

MSRP: $4,529.00
TuffStuff PRO-XL Power Rack (PXLS-7930)

MSRP: $4,529.00
TuffStuff PRO-XL Super Rack (PXLS-7950)

MSRP: $5,489.00

CalGym Strength - New Design


TuffStuff’s CalGym Series is the ideal choice for hotels & resorts, corporate fitness centers, police & fire agencies, apartment & condominium complexes, personal training studios or any facility where space and budget are limited. Finish, upholstery and embroidered wear covers may be personalized with your colors and logo to further strengthen your brand.

Each CalGym product is bio-mechanically designed from heavy duty 2″ x 4″ 11-gauge oval steel frames and 2″ 11-gauge round tubing accents to provide proper resistance curves through a full range of motion.

New CalGym Series coming soon!

CalGym Multi Press (CG-9503)

MSRP: $4,289.00
CalGym Lat Pulldown (CG-9504)

MSRP: $4,149.00
CalGym Bicep / Tricep (CG-9506)

MSRP: $4,009.00
CalGym Seated Leg Press (CG-9516)

MSRP: $4,559.00

Bio-Arc Strength

The revolutionary Bio-Arc strength series includes the first resistance machines to incorporate multiplanar movement of each machine’s seat, along a linear arc trajectory. The seat movement allows the user to move along the arc path in conjunction with the machine, helping to maintain more optimal muscle length and improving the force of contraction and training stimulus. * Please Note: Bio-Arc is not currently available in the USA.  View all Bio-Arc machines >

Bio-Arc Chest Press (BA-701)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Bio-Arc Lat Pulldown (BA-705)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
TuffStuff Bio-Arc Shoulder Press (BA-702)

MSRP: Please call for pricing

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Bio-Arc Triceps Dip (BA-704)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Bio-Arc Mid Row (BA-706)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Bio-Arc Leg Extension (BA-707)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Bio-Arc Leg Curl (BA-708)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Bio-Arc Leg Press (BA-709)

MSRP: Please call for pricing
Amada laser at TuffStuff Fitness International
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We’re Serious. We’re investing in the future. Made in the USA.

Consult & Design

Our team will work with you to identify products that meet your needs, and create the most effective layout for your facility.


We maintain massive inventory on site, and can customize equipment configurations, frame colors, and upholstery to match your brand.


We've a global dealer network, and strategic partnerships with certified delivery and installation professionals around the world.


Our products are backed by extensive warranties, and our service team is available to help keep your equipment up and running.