TuffStuff Pro-XL Half Rack (PXLS-7910)

Top Tier Performance with TuffStuff’s PRO-XL Half Rack

Tired of Half Racks that shake, wobble, and creak when in use?  Need to upgrade your commercial facility’s cage that’s chipping paint and rusting?  Tired of your Half Cage that performs subpar to your athlete’s training demands?  Check-out the TuffStuff Fitness International PRO-XL Half Rack (PXLS-7910) for your equipment upgrade solution.


How sturdy is the TuffStuff Half Rack?

The Commercial Grade Half Rack is engineered and manufactured in the USA at TuffStuff’s state of the art facility in California, spanning over 102,000 sq. ft. Beefy 3” x 3” 7-gauge steel for the upright posts and 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel for the connecting beams and base are cut and fabricated at the state of the art facility. For long term wear, the frame structures undergo a top level Nordson 8-step powder coat system with a two-tone finish. Six primary colors for the upright posts can be selected, while custom colors to match professional sport team, university, or gym facility colors can be arranged. The high strength steel frame structures are then shipped with high tensile strength Grade 5 and Grade 8 bolts for optimal structural strength.


How does the performance of the TuffStuff Half Rack compare to other racks?

Standing at approximately 8 ft. tall and weighing a hefty 410 lbs., the commercial TuffStuff Pro XL Half rack provides a stable foundation for the most demanding of performance training workouts within a compact area. Attributing to the training rack’s space saving design is the unit’s 7-degree angle that the upright posts are engineered with. This design allows users to have maximum usable distance from the end of the J-hook to the end of the safety spotter rails should a user fall backward or forward.TuffStuff PRO-XL Half Rack Dimensions

Lift off and re-racking of loaded Olympic bars after heavy squatting, presses, or Olympic lifts can be performed with confidence as the Swing Lock J-hooks utilize 1” solid steel and are integrated onto the upright posts. Also integrated are the lined Lever TuffStuff PRO-XL Adjustable Safety SpotterLock safety spotters, providing a 900 lb. weight capacity. Repositioning of the J-hooks and safety spotters are performed swiftly in 3” increments by lifting, sliding, and latching onto an indexed position with ease. Because of the integrated design, misplacing and improperly positioning the J-hooks and safety spotters becomes negligible.

A multitude of features that increase functionality on the Half Rack are built-in, providing added value to any commercial facility. Rack bumper plates, urethane and rubber coated grip plates, or standard cast iron Olympic plates on the integrated plate holders for convenient storage. Built-in lower band pegs are integrated, a necessity for any sport performance facility for band training. Store your powerlifting bar and Olympic bar on one of the two built in bar storage holders for clear access to the multi-grip pull-up bar above.

Pull-up grips are welded onto the upper cross member for various upper body exercises, and unlike many other manufacturers that utilize a rubber encasing that eventually rips and tears, TuffStuff knurls and zinc plates the grips for long term durability. Built for functional training, the premium half rack includes welded suspension training loops on the upper cross member to secure gymnastic rings, a Jungle Gym XT, or other systems that require dual anchoring points, or secure your TRX, CrossCore 180, or Rip 60 suspension trainer in the middle of the upper cross member.


What options are available for the half rack?

TuffStuff PRO-XL Platform with InsetTo expand on the TuffStuff Pro XL Half Racks abilities, various options are available to enhance its functionality. For Olympic lifting in universities and professional team gyms, add the 2” thick Olympic Platform and Insert with ¾” Solid Oak Hardwood Center, or the 2” thick rubber Olympic lifting platform.

Added versatility is also available with the Landmine option, allowing functional training in multiple planes of motion. For enhanced safety, Spotter Platforms are also available.

Half Racks are a popular strength equipment piece, and choosing the TuffStuff Pro XL Half Rack will provide a high quality and safe strength training station for the most demanding of free weight barbell exercises, while adding multiple functional training uses. Whether you are outfitting a military base, world class sport performance training facility, or an elite gym, the TuffStuff Pro XL Half rack will surpass your expectations in quality, durability, and function.

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