Tomo Okabe and Pete Asistin of TuffStuff

Pete’s Perspective: Meet Tomo Okabe

This is the first post in a new series of “Pete’s Perspective,” highlighting a company, person or product in the TuffStuff Fitness International World.


SPORTEC Fitness Expo - Japan

In my frequent travels around the globe over the years, I have visited some very interesting and historical places, and have met a number of people who have made lasting impressions on me.  Many of those people are now close friends.  Someone I met at the 2011 SPORTEC Show in Tokyo, Japan is one such person.  Her name is Tomo Okabe.


The First Time I Met Tomo

2018 Sportec Show - Think Fitness Booth - Tomo Okabe

SPORTEC 2018, Think Fitness Booth, Tokyo

When I first met Tomo she was in the Think Fitness booth doing fitness equipment demos with a friend (and competitor) of mine, Dan Djoeandy.  I was in the same booth as a representative for TuffStuff to show support for our distributor, Think Fitness.


Right away I was put on my heels by Tomo’s beauty, and like every other living and breathing guy there, I just tried hard to maintain my coolness.  But, I was swiftly disarmed by Tomo’s smile and surprised by her outgoing personality and friendly demeanor.  I learned Tomo loves a good joke, and is quick to laugh.  She had that unique ability to put a person at ease, just by being herself, very genuine and real.


In 2011, Tomo was struggling to get her private personal training business off the ground.  She trained female clients at her in-house studio, and worked long hours.  But most importantly, she believed in herself, and felt that if she just worked hard enough, someday she would have a thriving enterprise.


Eiji’s Question

Tomo Okabe - Showcasing TuffStuff Proformance Plus Customization

Tomo Okabe – Showcasing TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus Customization

While I was in the Think Fitness booth, Eiji Tezuka, the owner of the company asked me a very thought provoking question: “If TuffStuff is an international company, why aren’t there any Asian women in TuffStuff’s brochures and catalogs?”  At the time we featured Japanese IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia competitor, Hide Yamagishi, in our Proformance Plus catalog.  But, no Asian women.  Eiji recommended that we use Tomo Okabe in our upcoming photo shoots.  Frankly speaking, I had no problem with that one bit.  Today, Tomo can be found on certain pages of our website and brochures, and in our 2019 TuffStuff Calendar.  More photo shoots are planned.


Meet Tomo

Introducing Tomo Okabe, a CSCS certified Japanese female celebrity fitness trainer who has more than 10 years’ experience espousing the benefits of exercise for a healthy lifestyle.  Tomo is an experienced and knowledgable personal trainer, with a specialization in female glute development.  She has published 4 books on the most effective gluteus maximus exercises and techniques.  And, from humble beginnings of training clients in her in-house studio, Tomo currently owns 4 female-only studios called SPICE UP FITNESS: 2 studios in Tokyo, one in Nagoya, and one in Osaka.


Tomo Okabe Personal Trainer in Japan


In Japan, many women are concerned about their weight.  Some women are not happy with the way their bodies look even though they may be in the best of shape.  Female weight training is still in its infancy.  But Tomo is determined to change that by promoting a more fit-lifestyle that incorporates resistance training and sports nutrition.  For Tomo, the ultimate goal is to empower women by giving them the knowledge that they need to live fit and healthy lives.  Through Spice Up Fitness personal training, writing books, and hosting fitness shows and events, Tomo has helped thousands of  women develop self-confidence and reach their personal fitness goals.



When I first met Tomo Okabe I was quite surprised to learn that she graduated from University of Florida in 2008, with a degree in Physiology and Kinesiology.  She’s a ‘Gator’, a long way from Japan!  I am so proud to have witnessed Tomo’s career take off in recent years.  Seeing where she started, her accomplishments are nothing short of amazing.  Today, she is arguably the best known female Celebrity Personal Fitness Trainer in Japan, and most certainly the prettiest.  But, then again, I’m biased, of course.


Fitness Angel Show

Tomo will be presenting the third production of her Fitness Angel Show at Sportec on the 9th of July.  This is a televised event of at least 20 girls showing off their ‘booties,” I mean “glutes.”  The television viewing public gets to participate by calling in and voting for their favorite contestants.  Their votes, combined with the votes from a select group of judges determine the winner.  At the first two events, Khaleda Amin won both times; she is now one of the personal fitness trainers at SPICE UP FITNESS.



Tomo also is a contributing editor to the SHAPE Magazine in Japan, submitting articles on health and fitness, or conducting interviews with the who’s who in the fitness world.  Besides a businesswoman, Tomo is also an in-demand fitness model, for print and for television.  She is a sought-after speaker, and does fitness expos and demonstrations as a public service.  Tomo also serves as a Special Fitness Consultant for Eiji Tezuka, the owner of Think Fitness Corporation.  She can be found walking around with the Think Fitness and Gold’s Gym staff at the IHRSA and FIBO shows, checking out what’s new in the fitness industry.  She’ll be seen wearing a cap as she cruises along.


Follow Tomo


From time-to-time we will update you with Tomo’s next venture.  You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @tomo_fitness, or @SpiceUpFitness_Official.  Or, you can contact her Public Relations Manager, Daijiro Ui, at:


This is Tomo Okabe, someone who is making a sensational impact in Japan, but very soon, will make her mark worldwide, as well!


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